“It was darker, then lighter till it was all drowned in splendor” is first EP of a series by Pacific Loon, acronymus used by Francesco Busiello for his solo records. The project is about creatin’ melodies from places in Naples, the city where I was born on 16th April, 1983.
As Gustave Flaubert would say, this project want to be more sentimental than artistic, it’s all about looking for emotions, not scenery. The concept is splitted on two levels: audio and visuals. minimal static clips to support ambiente tracks soaked with rough field recording, that’s because’ I want to make natural sounds part of music composition, even if I was always totally alone with nobody around. The concept starts with Tarkovskij vibes of Piscina Mirabilis till to reach the brightest peak¬†with “Santa Maria Della Fede (to wane without disparagement)”, revealing¬†hypnagogic moments like in Botanique, recorded in spring.