Review – Beach Slot

Source: Beach Slot

Graceful and with a style reminiscent of Stars of the Lid, Pacific Loon has love for his surroundings on the spacious arrangements of “It was darker, then lighter, till it was all drowned in splendor”. Tasteful to its very core Pacific Loon incorporates pieces of drone, ambient, and modern classical into a serene whole. By opting for such a style the pieces teem with life. Without saying a single word a narrative begins to form one that grows ever more powerful in scope as the songs build off each other, growing the overall strength of the sound.

Things open on a quiet note with the subdued “Piscina Mirabillis”. Slowly but surely the song comes into focus. Emotive piano work adorns the sound for it grows ever more expressive. Upon additional elements coming into the fray the piece feels rich and full. Blurred beauty defines the nostalgia tinged work of “Oh, Vergillus” with synthesizer work that is particularly delicate. On “Botanique” Pacific Loon reveals the true heart and soul of the album, with wonderful ambience that drifts away with such happiness. Easily the highlight of the collection comes with the deliberate style of “San Felice”. Melodically deep, the song’s multiple layers interact gingerly revealing a quiet joy. On “Santa Maria Della Fede (to wane without disparagement)” everything comes together in a singular, powerful vision.

Emotional and atmospheric, Pacific Loon delves into a glorious series of bright beautiful colors on “It was darker, then lighter, till it was all drowned in splendor”.